To "Ad" a President - Or not?

Since President Barack Obama's days on the campaign trail, "I love you back" has been one of his favorite retorts to "we love you" shout outs at political rallies.

Now Illinois state Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias (D) hopes some of the Obama-love will help him win his Senate campaign against Rep. Mark Kirk (R). According to Real Clear Politics, Giannoulias is trailing Kirk by 1 percent. Thursday Giannoulias launches a new state-wide campaign ad featuring nothing but an extensive endorsement by Obama. "Alexi is my friend. I know his character, "says Obama in the video clip taped during an August visit by Obama to Illinois. "You can trust him. You can count on him."

In fact, the ad is all Obama talking, and viewers don't even hear Giannoulias in it.

Obama's words may be standard campaign rhetoric, but not during this mid-term election and not from Democrats in other parts of the country. As Obama's approval ratings slip, more Democrats are doing anything but seek out a ringing endorsement from Obama.

In contrast to Giannoulias, some high-profile Democratic candidates are distancing themselves from the president in their new campaign ads.In Pennsylvania, an ad for Jason Altimire (D) features a woman saying "I like that Jason Altimire is not afraid to stand up to the President."

In South Dakota, Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (D) uses an ad to highlight her vote against Obama's health care law. "It wasn't right for South Dakota... or any kids' future," narrates Herseth Sandlin in her ad.

And in Arkansas, it's former President Bill Clinton not Obama who is campaigning for Democratic candidates. "Judging from the polls I've seen on approval ratings, President Obama couldn't help many people in Arkansas," Democratic Gov. Mike Beebe told the Associated Press this week. "That's about as candid as I know how to be."

Also candid, a comment from White House press secretary Robert Gibbs last month: "We're not going to go to places where people think it's unhelpful that we go. That would be crazy."

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