Biden: GOP is 'More of the Past, but on Steroids'

Vice President Biden gave a fiery, campaign-style speech on the closing day of the Democratic National Committee summer meeting Friday in St. Louis and charged that the Republican party is the "past on steroids."

"They're going to look at what Republican party is actually offering -- more of the past, but on steroids," Biden said.

He also had a new name for the GOP, in which he noted would probably get him in trouble. "When they start to look at the alternative, they're gonna see..."this ain't your father's Republican party, this is the Republican Tea Party," he said.

The vice president also said that the last administration was pretty much running a "Ponzi" scheme, "We inherited economic policy and plan for prosperity that lay in creative financial instruments, credit default swaps, collateralized obligations, sub-prime mortgages, basically the last administration had a Ponzi scheme masquerading as a vision in terms of our future."

Republican National Committee responded to Biden's remarks saying, "Democrats are ignoring jobs numbers, poll numbers and, ultimately, reality," said RNC Communications Director Doug Heye.

"We were promised that the stimulus would put unemployment under 8 percent, but it hasn't. We were promised the healthcare bill would reduce the deficit. It won't. This is why Obama's support from independents is hemorrhaging and voters are rejecting the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda," Heye said.

Biden gave a strong prediction about how Democrats would do in the fall. His bold statement is in contrast to White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs who said in July that Democrats likely could lose in the November election. This prompted an inner-party squabble with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Gibbs later had to backtrack his prediction.

On Friday, Biden said, "On November the 3rd -- the day after this coming election, there will be in Washington, D.C. a Democratic majority in the House and a Democratic majority in the Senate -- that will be the case."

He was so confident, he even went on to say, "if it were not illegal, I'd make book on it."

Democratic governors Biden also predicted would do well, "and we're also going to see Democratic governors coming back in a way that no one expects right now."

Biden noted he didn't think people start focusing on the elections until after Labor Day or the World Series, and are thinking about their own situations right now.

When asked about the vice president's statements at the White House briefing in Martha's Vineyard, Deputy White House Press Secretary Bill Burton said he didn't see the speech in total, but it sounds like a "great speech." On Biden's confidence that Democrats could win and you could "book on it" Burton said of course the president would agree and they want to move forward.


ASSOCIATED PRESS/Vice President Biden Friday, August 20 in St. Louis