White House Day Ahead

‪        Friday's jobs numbers, seen as a proving ground for President Obama's recovery efforts, showed a decrease in the overall unemployment rate of two-tenths of one percent. The national jobless rate is now 9.5%, but that is at least in part due to people giving up on finding jobs.‬‪       
Additionally, the employment rate actually fell for the first time this year in the month of June due to the expiration of temporary jobs and lagging hiring in the private sector. President Obama is likely to talk about that hiring lag when he comments on the morning's job numbers.‬‪       
Mr. Obama will speak at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, just before boarding Air Force One for late Senator Robert Byrd's memorial service. He'll also announce new Recovery Act investments which he will say will spur more jobs.‬‪

9:20am          President Obama departs WH South Lawn via Marine One
9:35am          President Obama makes a statement about jobs numbers at AAFB and departs [foxlivestream]
‬‪10:55am         President Obama arrives Charleston, WV
‬‪11:30am         President Obama participates in Sen. Robert Byrd memorial service
Around noon   President Obama speaks at Byrd memorial
1:55pm          President Obama departs Charleston, WV POOL
3:00pm     President Obama arrives AAFB and departs via M-1 to Camp David

11:30a             VP Biden participates in Sen. Robert Byrd memorial service/Charleston, WV
Around noon   VP Biden speaks at Byrd memorial