The media frenzy surrounding Elena Kagan lasted about a day on Capitol Hill, with the U.S. Supreme Court nominee on Thursday shedding much of the press scrum that memorialized her every move a day earlier as she made the rounds of customary meet-and-greets with senators.

That is, until she got to the office of the newest senator.

Dozens of cameras and reporters packed into the office of Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown to check out the action, but it's unclear whether the crowd was there to record the moment or merely get a glimpse of the upshot freshman who rose to political fame by winning a special election in January for Ted Kennedy's seat.

Their photo-op didn't exactly provide a scintillating conversation, but it was picturesque.


Brown asked her how her visits have been.

"It's been a whirlwind," she replied.

The former centerfold then asked what's next for the nominee. She replied with something that sounded like: "More of this."

After their closed-door meeting, Brown, a Republican and military lawyer in the Massachusetts National Guard, said he was satisfied with Kagan's explanation of her decision to ban military recruiters from the campus of Harvard Law School, where she had been dean.

"It is clear to me, we spoke about it at length, that she is supportive of the men and women who are fighting to protect us and very supportive of the military as a whole. I do not feel that her judicial philosophy will be hurting the men and women who are serving," he said.

Brown, who noted her ban was topic one in their conversation, said he is looking forward to "fair, open, and respectful" confirmation process.