Gibbs Gaggle Highlights

There is no on-camera White House Briefing today. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs conducted a Q & A session in his office at noon EDT.


I attended the briefing, known in White House circles as the gaggle, and shot this picture of  Gibbs at his desk with an array of taping devices set before him.

I sent to Fox's internal news system brief headlines from the gaggle. In the first of what may be a Row 2, Seat 4 tradition, herewith we reprint those gaggle headlines and highlights as sent in real-time from Gibbs' office. I did my best to translate other White House jargon and link to back-ground stories relevant to questions posed to Gibbs.

It's important to note these are highlights, the newsiest items from Gibbs...not a transcript of his entire comments.

If you like this aggregated, bullet-point news feed of the gaggle, please let us know in the comment section.


Sat: NPE (No Public Events)

Sun: Hampton University commencement speech ( talking about citizenship and education)

M: White House Meetings

T: White House Meetings

W: Meeting with Afghan President Hamid Karzai and presser (press conference). Location: Rose Garden or East Room

Thur: Buffalo trip. Topic: Economy

Friday: Top cops award


Gibbs says he has not been told POTUS (President of the United States) has decided on a SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) nominee or that the interview process has stopped.

Gibbs on (Solicitor General Elena) Kagan Goldman Sachs panel: "A panel that had absolutely nothing to do with the decisions that Goldman made that it's being investigated for."

Gibbs says it's not relevant and was disclosed in Solicitor General confirmation process....


Gibbs: "A bit fascinating to watch. I don't think this period will affect the economy or the special relationship we have. And we look forward to working with the next prime minister."

Obama not calling PM Brown or (Tory leader David) Cameron and will not until situation sorted out...


No plans to travel to Nashville.

Obama watched TV coverage of Nashville flooding aboard Air Force One on Sunday coming back from Gulf Coast. Reacted strongly to seeing devastation wrought by flood waters;  buildings/schools moved off moorings. Dispatched DHS Secretary (Janet) Napolitano, following 2 visits by FEMA Director (Craig) Fugate.


"I wouldn't rule anything in or anything out" Gibbs says in reaction to question about what may have caused Wall Street chaos.


"It's not being accelerated," Gibbs said of thw search for a TSA (Transportation Security Administration) head in aftermath of Times Square bomb plot. Says search was on-going and "progress" on a nominee is being made. (The two early nominees withdrew)


"Drilling and drilling alone is not going to solve our energy problems...the time..it's more ripe, in all honesty, than it ever has been (to pass an energy bill)."

Asked if oil spill has made it more difficult to pass a bill: "I don't see how." Says the need for action on energy is visible "Now, more than ever."


"I'm reticent to getting into an on-going investigation" -- Gibbs on "lone wolf" remark (Gen. David Petreaus, commanding general of Central Command said earlier today Faisal Shahzad, the suspect in the Times Square bomb plot was a "lone wolf").