White House Neighborhood Restaurant Hopes to Lure Obamas

President and Mrs. Obama aren't your average diners, but that doesn't mean they're not looking for new places to grab a bite...entourage and all. In fact, First Lady Michelle Obama told Fox's Washington affiliate Fox 5 recently that the couple is always on the lookout for new restaurants.

Rumor has it Roti Mediterranean Grill is hoping to fit the bill. The Chicago-based "healthy" fast-food joint just opened its first chain in DC a mere city block from the White House, or the length of a Presidential-sized motorcade.

Row 2, Seat 4 hears Michelle Obama's staff has dined there already. Mrs. Obama's Social Secretary Julianna Smoot has made no fewer than five stops, we hear. Word is that Roti is even more interested in recruiting the First Lady as a patron than the big man himself.

This calorie-savvy restaurant, which calls its food, "healthy Mediterranean cuisine" could fit nicely into the First Lady's anti-obesity mission.



"Nearly one third of children in America now are overweight or obese," Mrs. Obama lamented at her Childhood Obesity Summit last month. "That's a reality. And unless we act now, things are only going to get worse."

Roti prides itself on its fresh ingredients and publishes nutrition information on its website. The backs of employees tee shirts boast quotes like, "To eat is a necessity but to eat intelligently is an art."

If the Chicago connection isn't enough, that sentiment could just be the peg Roti needs to lure in the Obamas. After all, Mrs. Obama did say recently, "[W]e have to help parents and empower consumers by encouraging companies to offer healthier options and by providing more customer-friendly labels so that people can figure out what's healthy and what isn't."

After the widely-publicized Five Guys burger pick-ups and Ben's Chili Bowl pit-stops the President has made, perhaps the First Lady will help the President bring the "Acropolis to Metropolis," as the Rotis say. Row 2, Seat 4 will be watching!