Schumer's Fight w/ Facebook -- Follow Up

Tuesday, we told you how Schumer and colleagues are taking on social networking giant Facebook for possibly exposing the personal information of its users and making it too difficult to opt out of that information being shared with third parties.

Well, Schumer's staff has met with Facebook officials.  Brian Fallon, spokesman for the senator, tells Fox the meeting lasted 90 minutes.

We met with facebook this afternoon. it went 90 minutes.   Fallon added, "We had a very productive conversation...and pressed our concerns over what the senator feels is an inappropriate use of users private information. We asked a series of questions and Facebook committed to getting answers back to us quickly."

Facebook officials have said they are anxious to work through any disagreements and will work with the concerned senators.

Still, Schumer wants to see changes, especially after his daughter, Jessica, a law school student, called her father to complain. And the senator has said he and others are looking for the FTC to promulagate new rules for responding to this and possibly other problems with social networking sites, while remaining conscious of striking the right balance between freedoms and civil liberties.  

"While he appreciates the tremendous value Facebook and other social networking sites provide to their users, the senator feels strongly that these sites should establish an opt-in policy for sharing users private data with third party companies and the default setting should always be more restrictive, not less," Fallon said.