White House Doesn't Rule Out Canceling Karzai Meeting

The White House is not ruling out canceling a meeting scheduled for May 12 between President Obama and Afghan President Hamid Karzai in Washington.

The two leaders met late last month in Kabul after Mr. Obama made a previously-unannounced visit to the region.  During that trip, Mr. Obama is said to have put pressure on Karzai to crack down on internal corruption.

Karzai has since made comments attacking the U.S. and its allies that have troubled the White House and ignited tensions.

Most recently Karzai accused the West of interfering with Afghan affairs, and blamed the U.S. government for the fraud that took place in last year's Afghan election.  On Saturday Karzai threatened to abandon the political process all together and join the Taliban.

Over the last several days the White House has maintained that next month's meeting wouldn't be compromised as a result of Karzai's remarks.  However, in his daily briefing Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs changed his tone.  "We certainly would evaluate whatever continued or further remarks President Karzai makes as to whether that's constructive to have such a meeting," he told reporters.

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