The annual White House Easter Egg Roll hops onto the White House lawn Monday morning. Tens of thousands of kids are expected to participate along with characters like the Easter Bunny, Smurfette, Dora the Explorer, celebrities including the cast of the television show Glee, and of course the president and first lady.
Here are the numbers on this year's roll:






*30,000 people expected to attend

*50 states will be represented–at least one family from all 50 states was successful in the lottery

*250,000 tickets were requested through the online lottery

*3,000 tickets were distributed to students in DC, Maryland and Virginia

*4,000 tickets were distributed to military families

*4 colors – purple, pink, green, yellow are the colors of the official WH wooden eggs, they and include the stamped signatures of the president and first lady on the back

*14,500 hard-boiled and dyed eggs will be used and an additional 4,500 hard-boiled eggs will be provided for the egg dying station

*12 and younger – the ages of the children participating

*135,000 Souvenir wooden eggs were produced for this year’s event

*1,200 volunteers help out at the event

*100% recycled plastic goody bags

*1878 is the year the White House Easter Egg Roll tradition started with President Rutherford B. Hayes, although there are records of informal egg rolling events as early as Abraham Lincoln’s administration

Statistics for this year's event were provided by the White House.