Pelosi Invites Special Guests to House Chamber During Health Care Votes

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has invited some special guests to the House chamber as lawmakers cast votes on health care reform legislation Sunday night.  She has 14 guests in the Speaker's box that overlooks the House floor.

Here is the list of the 14 attendees:

1. Mr. Pelosi

2. Nancy Corinne Prowda (daughter)

3. Alexandra Pelosi (daughter)

4. Michiel Vos (son-in-law)

5. Gordon Witman, PICO

6. Richard Kirsch – Health Care for America Now (HCAN)

7. Robert Hall – American Academy of Pediatrics 8. Rich Trumpka – AFL-CIO

9. Dr. Willard Edwards– National Medical Association

10. Christina Romer – Council of Economic Advisors

11. Mark Duggan – Council of Economic Advisors

12. Zeke Emanuel – Senior Advisor for Health Policy, OMB

13. Jason Furman – National Economic Council Advisor

14. Nancy Ann DeParle – White House Office of Health Care Reform