Obama to deliver statement on health care reform tonight, after House vote. Promise of an Executive Order on abortion funding helps administration's efforts

President Obama is expected to make an on camera statement tonight, following the House vote on health care reform legislation.

According to White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, since Monday the president has participated in 92 meetings or phone calls with members of Congress on the health care legislation.  Mr Obama continued those efforts today, lobbying House members by phone from the White House.

Those efforts appear to have paid off and anticipating a victory, the president will come to the East Room tonight Fox is told, regardless of how late the House vote comes.

The administration's legislative success was solidified late this afternoon when the White House struck a last minute deal with anti-abortion House members concerned with language in the bill. In a paper statement, the White House announced the President will issue an executive order that would ensure the health care legislation would uphold current restrictions on federal funding for abortion. That step helped break the log jam with certain House democrats, like Bart Stupak of Michigan, who quickly announced that with the executive order on the table, he would vote in favor of the legislation.

Major Garrett reports conversations with Stupak on the executive order began about one week ago. They picked up speed Saturday considerably, with crucial interactions all night between Stupak with health care czar Nancy-Ann DeParle, senior adviser Jim Messina, legislative affairs director Phil Schilero and White House Counsel Robert "Bob" Bauer and his team.

While no resolution was reached Saturday, the mood was characterized as positive, and all sides believed a deal could and would be struck today, officials tell Fox.

President received updates throughout the day today and signed off on the executive order language some time mid-afternoon, setting in motion Stupak's ultimate declaration he would back the bill. According to Gibbs, President Obama called Rep Stupak after he agreed to the executive order on abortion and thanked him for being involved in the process and supporting the health care reform bill.

White House officials said the deal was struck to guarantee victory on health care reform. Advisers say it was possible to win without it, but the vote count would have been so close it was not worth the risk. The executive order, the White House believes, merely restates current law but give the health care bill more than sufficient numbers to pass.

As of this writing, we're told the president is in the residence now, receiving updates on the progress up in the House.

Watch Fox News Channel for live coverage of the House vote and the President's statement.