President Obama Speaks to Iranian People

Saturday begins the New Year on the Persian calendar and President Obama taped a video message to the Iranians telling them their leaders have only shown a "clenched fist" to its citizens and the world.

The President says the leaders of Iran have "refused good faith proposals from the international community" and "turned their backs on a pathway that would bring more opportunity to all Iranians."  Mr. Obama brings up last June's protests by Iranians during when citizens where beaten by police and imprisoned.  The President says the United States is committed to the rights that Iranian citizens lack, such as free speech and assembly.   

Iran has contended that its nuclear program is for electricity purposes only but the U.S. and others in the international community have said Iran is aggressively pursuing a nuclear weapon.  And if Iran continues to do so, the U.S. is prepared to place sanctions upon the country.  President Obama told Special Report's Bret Baier earlier this week, during an exclusive interview, "that's why we're going to go after aggressive sanctions. We haven't taken any options off the table. We are going to keep on pushing."

The Persian New Year, Nowruz, runs for 12 days.