House Democrats Inch Closer to Victory

House Democrats could have the votes they need to pass health care reform legislation when they meet on Sunday.  Several members who voted against the initial version of the bill in November announced Friday that they support the current legislation in the House. It now appears that democrats have the 216 votes needed for final passage. But things have been changing by the minute, with many members still undecided.  Those members could easily tip the scales one way or another.

On Saturday, President Obama will meet with the House Democratic Caucus on Capitol Hill in an eleventh-hour effort to garner support for his signature proposal.  Mr. Obama has been under fire for twice postponing his long-scheduled trip to Southeast Asia to tend to things at home.  White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters Thursday that the President regrets having to delay his visit to two close ally countries, Indonesia and Australia, but that health care reform legislation is "of paramount importance" and that he "is determined to see this battle through."