Reporter Notebook: Gibbs Briefing Highlights

Robert Gibbs holds his Daily Briefing in the Rose Garden (Fox Photo)

Robert Gibbs holds his Daily Briefing in the Rose Garden (Fox Photo)

Robert Gibbs' daily press briefing today was "class outside" with Gibbs talking to reporters in the Rose Garden.

And while spring fever may have swept into Washington, Gibbs said he put on 30 sunblock three times before coming outside.

Highlights from the briefing:

* President Obama has postponed his trip to Guam, Indonesia and Australia in light of the on-going health care legislation on the hill. Gibbs said that because the bill costs have yet to be posted, it means a vote can't take place until Sunday afternoon and there was no way to re-schedule the entire trip.

* Gibbs wouldn't make any announcements about the trip in June, and if the President would add any countries, beyond saying that when the White House discussed the cancellation with Australia and Indonesia, a possible re-schedule for June was mentioned.

* Gibbs said he believes the bill will pass the House and then the Senate

* Gibbs was also asked now that the President has changed his schedule could he perhaps have a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who is supposed to be in Washington next week. Gibbs said with all the schedule changes from the trip, it's not clear yet if the two leaders will meet.

* On Clinton's trip to Russia and START negotiations, Gibbs is hopeful something will get done. He also said the President has spent an "awful lot" of his own time working with Russian President Medvedev to make progress on the START Treaty.