Photo: White House Gets Personal on Health Care

Natoma Canfield of Medina, Ohio is likely to become the face of President Obama's health insurance reform narrative, if the White House message continues on the path it established today. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and even the President himself invoked Canfield's name today in a bid to get the attention of any residual nay-sayers in the health insurance reform debate.

Now the White House has released evidence of that bid, in the form of a photo.

President Obama dropped in on a meeting his health secretary was holding with health industry execs that was intended to put the industry on the defense over its recent insurance rate hikes.

Robert Gibbs tweets: "Ms. Canfield amazed Pres would read her letter - bet she had no idea he'd read it to the CEO who raised her rate 40%."