President Obama Declared "Fit for Duty"

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President Obama gave a thumbs up as he entered the White House and he had good reason to be happy.  White House physicians have declared him "fit for duty."  The 48 year-old President underwent a ninety minute examination Sunday morning at the National Naval Medical Center by Chief White House Physician Navy Captain Jeffrey Kuhlman as well as other specialists.

Captain Kuhlman, recommended Mr. Obama maintain daily exercise, a healthy diet, as well as moderate alcohol intake. 

A non-invasive CT colonography was performed with normal results and the President should have another routine screening for colon cancer in five years.

The President appears to suffer from chronic tendinitis brought on by a mild patella problem in his left knee and occasionally uses non-steroid anti-inflammatory medicine for it. 

The President still continues to battle his cigarette addiction and self uses a "nicotine replacement therapy."  One other thing to improve upon is his cholesterol level.  Captain Kuhlman recommended the President modify his diet to reduce his LDL cholesterol number which slightly  higher than the recommended level.  Which might mean no more running out to grab cheeseburgers at Washington based burger chain "Five Guys."