Biden Calls Out Bunning

Vice President Biden took a shot at one of his former colleagues today for leading what he called a one-man filibuster against unemployment benefits.

Biden was discussing the accomplishments of the White House's Middle Class Task Force, which he heads. As he was touting the task force's successes over the last year, the vice president lamented that he was disappointed by one particular senator on Capitol Hill.

"Right now a single republican is blocking the extension of unemployment insurance which means if he succeeds one million people, one million people next month will be thrown off the unemployment rolls," Biden said.

He was referring to Republican Senator Jim Bunning, who has moved to block an extension of unemployment benefits which expire on Sunday. Because of Bunning actions, "One million people will be thrown into nothing but despair," the vice president said.

The Senate adjourned early Friday morning without passing the unemployment package because of Bunning's objection that the bill would increase the budget deficit.

Bunning, who is not running for reelection in his home state of Kentucky, was the subject of Democratic disdain last night on the Senate floor, where he was chastised for not being in tune with the American people.

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