One Former Toyota Driver Remains Unconvinced As Congress Investigates

(Fox Photo)

(Fox Photo)

Fran Davison, a one-time Toyota owner, arrived an hour early for today's hearing on the recent problems involving Toyota vehicles, but found herself three-quarters of the way back in a line that stretched the length of a hallway around the corner from the hearing room.

Regarding whether Toyota or the Department of Transportation had adequately solved the problem of stuck accelerators, Ms. Davison seemed unconvinced.

 "I don't think they've identified the problem," Ms. Davison said. "I think that IS the problem. There's plenty of blame to go around."

Davison had never been to a congressional hearing, but the Oregon resident who's living in Washington, D.C. for the year, had some extra time on Tuesday and decided to join the hundreds of reporters, lobbyists and other members of the public in attending today's hearing about the recent problems involving Toyota vehicles. Despite her early arrival for the hearing, Davison was resigned to watch the proceedings from an overflow room upstairs.