Senator Scott Brown Adjusts to Life on Capitol Hill

Sen Brown before entering "Your World" (Fox Photo)

Sen Brown before entering "Your World" (Fox Photo)

Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) took a moment to talk with your humble blogger about adjusting to his new life on Capitol Hill Thursday, following his appearance on Your World with Neil Cavuto, his first national television interview since becoming a Senator.

Senator Brown was a popular guest in the DC newsroom, which is accustomed to welcoming high profile visitors. Before we could begin our conversation, the Senator was stopped by several people for photographs and well wishes. He has been taking his newfound fame in stride and said that dealing with the attention of new fans hasn’t been an issue, “At times it’s a little overwhelming, but I like people. If I didn’t like people it would be a problem.”

Though sworn in on February 4th Senator Brown has had time to ease into his new job. Like most of Washington, DC he had a slow go of it during the snowstorms that rocked the Capitol last week, but now that the weather has passed it is full steam ahead in his quarters inside the Russell Senate Office Building, “We’re getting more staff hired. We’re getting our office up and running. I’m learning my way around.”

Despite being a freshman, the Senator says there’s been no hazing so far, and that all of his colleagues have been very gracious. And though Senator Brown may have the least seniority in the upper chamber of Congress, he has quickly risen to the top in one category: Senatorial transport. Senator Brown’s famous green GMC truck has displaced a tourist favorite, Sen. Richard Burr’s (R-NC) “VW Thing,” as the most famous automobile on Capitol Hill. “(Burr) has it right there on the corner. I noticed. Mine is definitely nicer,” Brown noted as he exited the Fox News Channel Washington bureau.

While finding a parking space and learning one’s way around a new office are things to which everyone can relate, other moments in the Senator’s life have been less commonplace. “I went to the comedy club the other night.  They had four skits about me so that was fun,” said Brown.