Scott Brown's daughters are hocking novelty items for their dad, the latest effort by Ayla and Arianna Brown to help the new Massachusetts senator and to capitalize on their almost famous status.

Ayla, a former American Idol contestant and recording artist, and Arianna, a pre-med student at Syracuse University, sent an e-mail to supporters on Thursday, soliciting donations in exchange for "The People's Seat" campaign memorabilia.

"Tomorrow will mark one month since the election and we just wanted to send you this special email to say thank you for all the support you have given our father, Scott Brown," the e-mail read. "You can commemorate this special election with a seat cushion or a t-shirt. With a minimum donation of $20 you can get your seat cushion or t-shirt to show others that you were part of this amazing movement."

The pair may also become Brown's two most valuable assets in courting young supporters. The e-mail encourages recipients with Facebook accounts to "become a fan so our dad can connect with you and get your feedback on what you feel is important."

In the lead up to Brown's special election last month, the two were often seen on the campaign trail. In his victory speech, Brown joked about their availability while they stood in seeming mortification behind him.

Ayla, a senior and competitive basketball player at Boston College in Chestnut Hill, Mass., has also challenged President Obama to a game of hoops -- suggesting that all proceeds from the match go to quake victims in Haiti.

"I think it'd be really fun…I was thinking why not charge admission. It'd be a really good game knowing me and my dad -- we're very competitive -- and give all the proceeds to Haiti," she told ABC News in an interview Monday.

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