President Obama on the Super Bowl: Colts "probably have to be favored"

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The admission came even though the president has said he is partial to the underdog and has a soft spot for the Saints given all they've been through since Hurricane Katrina.

He also had some high praise for Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, calling him "unbelievable" and "the best quarterback in history."

The president thinks highly of the Saints' quarterback too, calling Drew Brees "terrific" and a "class act."

The interview didn't go by without President Obama bringing up the his hometown team of the Chicago Bears, hinting there was maybe some payback in play.

"One other factor that I have to confess here is that my Bears went to the Super Bowl several years ago," he said. "It was the Indianapolis Colts that beat them."

Like many Americans today, the President Obama and Mrs. Obama hosted a Super Bowl party.  The first couple welcomed lawmakers, friends and family for the second year at the White House to watch the game.


Ahead of the big game Sunday, President Obama said that the Indianapolis Colts "probably have to be favored" to win the Super Bowl over the New Orleans Saints, he told CBS News' Katie Couric in an interview.