VIDEO: Obama's Motorcade Plows On, Despite Epic Storm

The DC snowfall is being measured in feet, but that didn't stop President Obama's motorcade from traversing across town today so he could fulfill his obligation to speak to the Democratic National Committee's winter meeting.
  The usual contingent of press and security that joins these motorcades simply piled into SUVs, rather than vans and cars. All made it to and from their destination safely.
   There was a minor bump here and there-- a tree limb landed on one press vehicle-- but not a soul was injured.
   The President couldn't ignore the deteriorating weather conditions when he opened his remarks, "[I]t is good to see you -- good to be among friends so committed to the future of this party and this country that they’re willing to brave a blizzard."
  And he couldn't resist picking up on the nickname many have adopted to describe the storm, "[It's] snowmageddon here in D.C."
  Click below to see the video our network cameras shot from inside their motorcade vehicle.   

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