Congressional Calendar February 4, 2010

Scott Brown comes to town. The man set to become the junior Senator from Massachusetts arrives on Capitol Hill at approximately 3:30p and will be sworn in at 5:00p. Fox News will bring this historic event to you live.

Elsewhere in our nation’s capital, Congressional Democrats and President Barack Obama start to make the “pivot” towards jobs. They will have a closed press meeting at the White House at 10:40a to discuss the jobs bill; this is the first time Democrats have been summoned to Pennsylvania Ave to discuss something other than health care.

Before their meeting with the President, Senators Reid and Durbin, along with Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus and Senator Byron Dorgan will hold a press conference to discuss their job creation agenda at 9:45a.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano meets with Democrats on the House Homeland Security Committee at 8:00a one week after some of them strongly criticized her for missing their hearing on the Christmas Day bomb plot. The meeting is closed, but we will be staking out Napolitano and members of the committee to find out what was said behind closed doors.

In other DHS news, the House Homeland Security Management, Investigations, and Oversight Subcommittee holds a hearing at 10:00a on a report by the agency’s inspector general on DHS travel policy and the amount of taxpayer money spent on conferences and retreats for agency employees.

Budgets and bonuses continue to be topics of conversation in the Capitol. First, a group of Republican Senators led by Jim DeMint of South Carolina, hold a 10:30a press conference to introduce legislation to enact a one-year earmark moratorium and a Constitutional amendment to balance the budget. Shortly thereafter at an 11:15a press conference Senators Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Jim Webb (D-VA) introduce legislation to impose a tax on bonuses for top executives at companies that received taxpayer bailouts in 2009.

The heads of NBC Universal and Comcast, Jeff Zucker and Brian Roberts, testify before the House Energy and Commerce Committee in the morning and the Senate Judiciary Committee in the afternoon to discuss their merger plans.

Finally, the House of Representatives wraps up its week with dueling press conferences from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Minority Leader John Boehner

And as always more events will arise during the day so be sure to stay tuned to the Fox News Channel for the latest developments…