Leno Had a Dog Named After Scott Brown's Father??

Sen-elect Scott Brown was comedian Jay Leno's guest on "The Jay Leno Show" Thursday night, and it turns out, the two have a number of things in common.

Not only are they both Massachusetts natives, but get this - Jay's Border Collie when he was a kid bore the name of the incoming Republican senator's own father.

Is this just canine coincidence?

No. As it turns out, Brown's father "was a frequent guest" in Leno's home. "My dad hired your dad. He was the new, young insurance agent. He would - your dad would come to my home when I was a kid," Leno reminisced.

"That's right," Brown grinned, "And apparently your folks named your dog, Bruce, after my dad."

Brown joined the show via satellite from Boston for "10 @ 10", a segment in which Leno pummels his guests with "hard hitting questions." Ok, they're not so hard-hitting.

The first thing Brown does in the morning?

"After I obviously clean up, I work out," Brown said, and boy does he. Brown said, weekly, he swims "probably two miles. I bike about 95 (miles). And I run about 15-20 miles a week."

Over achiever. He should fit right in the Senate, though, with its bipartisan roster of fitness buffs. He could run with Sens John Thune, R-SD (if his pesky knee problems are over), Max Baucus, Chuck Grassley, or perhaps take up squash with Arlen Specter. He might even try keeping up with Judd Gregg, R-NH, who is annoyingly consistent about racing up and down the stairs in the Capitol, particularly when reporters are in tow. Jim Webb, D-VA, has some serious pep in his step (try keeping up with him for an interview) -- the two could dash over from their offices in the Russell building during votes.

Ok, enough of that.

Back to Leno.

Shock of shocks, Brown admits he STOLE something. "When I was 12, I hate to tell you, but I stole some records," Brown said, an unusually candid admission for a politician, but it's the 21st century and confessions are the norm (and usually about far worse stuff).

And apparently Brown got caught, because he then proceeded to recount how "the judge" heaped on a bunch of guilt, threatened jail time, and then made young, rascally Brown write a 1,500-word essay, after which, he "hasn't done anything like that since."

And then, it had to happen, Leno brought up that 1982 Cosmo spread Brown did as a young law school student (pics splashed on the screen), something most of his Republican colleagues would rather forget, though by the sound of it, Leno's female audience members would seriously beg to differ.

Leno asked if Brown would "consider doing it again" if he were to run for president, "to get female voters," and Brown showed his smooth side, a well-honed skill for a Republican in a state vastly dominated by Dems.

He deftly flattered his host, joking to Leno that the only reason he had done it "was because you weren't available" and possibly left the door open for an AARP spread. Hmm.

And what's the Scott Brown special that car dealers are offering up north? Brown said people can get a good deal on a used GMC truck, like the one he so famously campaigned in. And then, I'm pretty sure he hocked "the official Scott Brown truck" - a green toy truck. Leno is going to be the first to get one, apparently, a gift from Brown. Smart move!

Then, yikes, he revealed a not-so-flattering penchant for "really deep" macho movies, something Leno mockingly called "the arthouse films."

Movie he's watched the most?
"I like all movies (politician), but I've watched Rocky one through 30 (ha, ha), Rambo one through 25."

And as if that weren't horrifying enough, there was this: in his best impression of Sylvester Stallone as the young, scrappy fighter, Rocky, goofy voice and all, Brown bellowes, "Adrianne, Adrianne, I did it!"

Biggest campaign blunder?

"Aside from forgetting to take the dogs out and coming home to a real mess," Brown admitted to "a few verbal gaffes," but both he and Leno agreed it was nothing along the scale of his opponent, Democrat Martha Coakley, who mistook Boston Red Sox vet Curt Schilling for a Yankee. Ouch.

Nickname growing up?

Ok we knew this one: "Downtown Scotty Brown," one that dates back to his basketball days.

Last time he talked to President Obama? And could he take Obama in a game?

We sorta knew this, too. Brown spoke with Obama election night and challenged him to a two-on-two, saying he'd bring his daughter, Ayla, the 'American Idol' contestant and current basketball player for Boston College, and this: "I think we'd have the upper hand."

He hit a home run with his answer on the starting five pitchers for the Sox. Leno praised with a "very good, very good!" Sorry, Martha Coakley.

And about that election night proffering of his daughters - did they laugh it off or "get 500 calls from (gulp) John Edwards"?

Brown said, "They laughed it off, and then they yelled at me.".

The crowd cheered, and the friendly grilling was over. The guy is smooth.