Stern Words From Dem for Fingerpointing President

Stern rebuke for Pres Obama from moderate Dem Sen Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, who, she says, pointed the finger too much at the Senate last night in his State of the Union speech. The senator said the President "should have been more clear on the way forward on healthcare" and that he can't just mail in "general suggestions."

ALSO -- she appears to say healthcare is dead, if the President can't push this forward:  "There just doesn't seem to be the votes particularly in the House, among Blue Dog Democrats" to pass healthcare reform.

READ THE FULL VERBATE AFTER THE JUMP --- I'LL LET IS SPEAK FOR ITSELF:"I think the President should have been more clear on the way forward on healthcare. You just can't - I just think he should have been more clear...Because that's what it's going to take IF it's at all possible to get this done.

"And you know, mailing in general suggestions, sent across the transom, is not necessarily going to work."

"I thought that he was pointing the finger at the Senate a lot last night.

Q: Fair?

"No, I do not think it's fair. It is not fair, because Senate Democrats who give the Senate, moderate Senate Democrats who give the Senate 60 votes, come from states that have to appreciate a broad view of ideas.

"And I think the President, since he ran on bipartisan changing working with Republicans, doesn't do a great service to then say- 'Everything the House Caucus passes without any Republican votes is something the Senate should just take.'.

"I mean, it's the reverse. He should be saying, look, 'Senators need to put some bipartisan initiatives and then, you know, work with the House Caucus'.

"I found that a little strange and a little odd, but you know, I'm not offended in any way by it.

"I just think that, you know, if you really want bipartisanship, you might want to start with the Senate."