Lawmakers Get Preview of Tonight's State of the Union

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill have been given a headsup on tonight's speech. Among other things senior officials in both parties say they have been told the President is expected to have a central theme tonight focused on jobs and small business.

Lawmakers expect the president to discuss:

-elimination of capital gains taxes on small business investment

- tax credits for new hiring

-tax credits for investing in new equipment.

The President is expected to announce a new push for immigration reform.

The President will say there is a continuing push for healthcare reform, clean energy legislation & financial regulatory reform.

The President may address don't ask don't tell, and is expected to push for open service of gays in the military.

Deficit reduction - freeze of certain discretionary spending and debt commission.

2 other proposals: education and high speed rail.

Lawmakers say included in their briefing was this quote from senior administration official on the education initiative:

"The President will highlight his commitment to education reform in the State of the Union including his plan to improve outcomes for students at every point along the educational pipeline. While the budget will reflect tough choices and the consolidation of many existing K-12 education programs, a 6.2% increase for the Department of Education will show a significant effort to help fund the Administration’s new reform efforts."