Gibbs Previews President's State of the Union

In a live appearance on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said two-thirds of President Obama's State of the Union speech will focus on the economic challenges the country faces.  Gibbs says the President will outline tax cuts for small businesses that hire more workers, eliminating capital gains for those who invest in small business, and the need to get more capital and credit flowing from community banks to small businesses that hire workers.  As noted yesterday, the President will also talk about freezing non security domestic spending to deal again with the deficit. Gibbs says  "We have seen us get off the path of fiscal responsibility over past many years, and it's time to get back on that track."

The press secretary says the President will address the need for Democrats and Republicans in Congress to work together. Gibbs noted that "what we need to do is work together as democrats and republicans to address [American's] problems instead of playing the back and forth of politics and political games each day which don't make college more affordable for a family, don't make a retirement more secure, and don't put people back to work."

Gibbs says the President will also talk about challenges faced from terrorist groups like al Qaeda - focusing on the steps the U.S. has undertaken lately with respect to more troops in Afghanistan.

Gibbs told Fox & Friends anchors the President will discuss continuing efforts to reform health care. Gibbs says "when people work harder and harder and bring home less each week, it's because their health care costs go up."

The President's first State of the Union speech will be broadcast live at 9pm est on Fox News Channel and here on Row 2, Seat 4.   [foxlivestream]