Obama Calls Brown to Congratulate Him on Senate Election Victory

President Obama congratulated Republican Scott Brown Tuesday night for his win over Democrat Martha Coakley in the Massachusetts Senate race, calling him to say he looks forward to working with him on economic challenges facing the nation.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Obama praised Brown for a "hard-fought" victory and "well-run campaign."  

In return, Brown said during his victory speech that he appreciated the president calling him to "get on with the people's business," and recounted that he told Obama that he's ready for a two-on-two basketball game pitting him and his daughter against the president and his choice of teammate.

The Republican victory is a major setback for Obama. It could make it harder, if not impossible, to pass his health care overhaul bill. Brown said on the campaign trail he will be the 41st vote to derail Senate legislation.

The president also thanked Coakley, the state's attorney general, for her hard work and urged her to continue her advocacy on behalf of working people."

She quoted the president as saying, "We can't win them all."