The Latest on US Gov't Efforts in Haiti

U.S. officials in Port au Prince, Haiti, offered some updates on the relief efforts, search & rescue operations,  and military missions that are ongoing there.

On the search and rescue front:

- The last individual rescued alive was was a 2 year old Haitian female found Monday morning by one of the specially trained canines.

- There have been 72 rescues to date and of those the teams from the U.S. have been responsible for 40 of those.

- As of today,  43 search and rescue teams from around the world are in Haiti.  They are all being coordinated through the United Nations, who has determined that no additional teams are required.

- U.S. officials believe that there are still American citizens in the rubble of the Hotel Montana and will continue to search the site there.  No word on the exact number of Americans still unaccounted for due to the massive earthquake that hit a week ago.

On the Relief & Military Fronts:

- Tim Callaghan, Lead for the Disaster Assistance Response Team says many non-food relief items are making their way into Haiti now.  Items include water containers, kitchen kits, mobile water treatment units, plastic sheeting and World Health Org medical kits (which contain enough supplies to support 10,000 people for 3 months).

- Soon, the U.S. government  will be looking at the assessment of debris removal, part of that will involve a “cash for work” program, which Callaghan says will be an “opportunity to employ people to clean up the debris and put resources in the people’s hands.”

- Major General Dan Allyn, Deputy JTF Commander, informs us that the 22nd Marine Expeditionary unit have begun to reach out to areas west of Port au Prince to provide aid, and the Second Brigade Combat Team of the 82nd Airborne, has increased to over 1,000 troops and will complete deployment of its forces in next 48 hours.   The USNS Comfort is expected to arrive in Port au Prince Wednesday morning.

-  Damage at the city's ports is still being assessed.  Military officials hope to have some initial operating capacity by the end of this week.

- The U.S. military is will open an aerial port in neighboring Dominican Republic in the next 24-48 hours “for delivery of non time critical supplies” which can be brought to Haiti overland. This will allow for a stockpile of “long term recovery” items for Haiti.

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