Live Blogging: Daily Press Briefing

Website for people to give donations to Haiti (photo by Fox News)

Website for people to give donations to Haiti (photo by Fox News)

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs announced that the President will have a meeting at the White House tomorrow with former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton about Haiti. President Obama will be attending services at a church on Sunday in Washington, DC in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. day where he will deliver remarks and then will travel to Boston (as already reported by Fox's Major Garrett)

* Gibbs also announced a new website for people to donate on behalf of the efforts for Haiti coordinated by former Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush. 

* On the Coakley/Brown race in Massachusetts, Gibbs said he thinks Martha Coakley is going to win.

* Gibbs says on the Google/China issue the President said when he was in Shanghai last year that the President believes in a free internet. Gibbs reiterated the White House support of Google to allow searches on the internet search engine in China.

* The White House acknowledged logistical challenges in Haiti in moving around the capital and the country and getting supplies around the country. The President specifically asked earlier this week that there would be air lift capablity to send resources from staging areas at the airport or other places into areas that need the most help.

* Gibbs said the President's conversation with the Haitian President stands as proof the U.S. is with Haiti. See the photo here

* Gibbs commented on the deal with the Labor Unions previously reported here by Major Garrett last night. But Gibbs said he had nothing more to add about the negotiations between democrats, the President and the issues the union officials wanted inserted and removed from the health care plan.

* Gibbs said the agreement is structured in a way that is fair to the bill.

* Regarding abortion in the health care bill, Robert Gibbs said there's a meeting going on right now that could address the issues about federal funding for abortion - a sticking point for Senators and Representatives.

* Gibbs said the reason the President has decided to go to Massachusetts to campaign for Martha Coakley is "because she asked"

* The White House continues to say they're aware of the challenges in Haiti, especially the physical challenges of supplies arriving in the airport and getting them farmed out. Gibbs said there's a tremendous number of challenges, and said the pictures are not easy to watch and said he doesn't think those pictures will get any easier to watch.

* The President has asked Secretary Gates and Admiral Mullen to do everything in their power to get air lifts going, and the arrival of the USS Vinson and the 19 helicopters on the carrier are already helping.

* The White House says they continue to talk to staffs on the Senate and House side to see who is interested in working with them on health care.

* Gibbs said the State of the Union will  not be next week!

* Gibbs says the President has no plans to travel to Haiti right now. The impact of  moving the President into a country like that right now would drain resources needed for other issues on the ground in Haiti.