The First Lady Speaks Out

(AP Photo)

(AP Photo)

First Lady Michelle Obama addressed a wide range of topics Wednesday including Sen. Harry Reid's remarks about her husband, the State Dinner party crashers, and her new project to tackle childhood obesity across the country, according to media outlets who were invited to a media roundtable with Mrs. Obama Wednesday.

"Harry Reid has no need to apologize to me because I know Harry Reid. I measure people more so on what they do rather than the things they say," said the First Lady according to POLITICO and the Associated Press.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, Mrs. Obama added, "I think each and every one of us around the table has probably said something in their lifetime that they regret or did not accurately reflect what they actually meant at the time and was taken out of context."

Democratic Senator Harry Reid's comments about the President's race and dialect caused a firestorm after their disclosure in a new book about the 2008 campaign. Mr. Reid apologized to the President over the weekend. In a statement, Mr. Obama said he accepted the apology "without question ..." and considers "the book closed."

And how about the security snafu where individuals not on the White House guest list were able to sneak in to the first State Dinner and get their picture taken with the Commander-in-Chief? "The state dinner was an outstanding success ... For me, the other stuff that everyone is talking about is a footnote," reports POLITICO.

Mrs. Obama told the reporters she will take on the issue of childhood obesity and continue promoting healthy eating. The New York Times reports that next week Mrs. Obama will address the topic at the U.S. Mayor's Conference in Washington.

Would she consider testifying on the Hill as well?

"I'd be willing to do whatever it would take to further an agenda," the First Lady said according to the New York Times, "if it's helpful, I wouldn't say no."