A Fresh Take from Michelle Obama

Though health and fitness have become synonomous with First Lady Michelle Obama's image, she confessed a mortal culinary sin while kicking off the opening of a Washington, DC farmers market Thursday, "I also have learned through my experiences that, as a working mother, that there are times when putting together a healthy meal is harder than you might imagine. It is not so easy. So, like many parents, when I was working, without the staff and the butlers and all of the people who are helping me now, I was just like you all. Take-out food was a primary part of our diet. Hey! It was quick. It was easy. We did what was easiest and what kids liked because you didn't wanna hear 'em whinin'. Right? We're just trying to end the whining."

"When I travel around the world, no matter where I've gone so far, the first thing, world leaders, Prime Ministers, Kings, Queens ask me about is the White House garden! And then they ask about [First Dog] Bo. Everybody-- it's the garden and Bo or Bo and the garden. One or the other."


After making remarks, Mrs. Obama did a little shopping herself buying cheese, fingerling potatoes, eggs, black kale, and chocolate milk.

Famers markets are far from an anomaly in Washington, but this one is within walking distance of the White House. It falls perfectly in line with the First Lady's public push for fresh, locally-grown produce; highlighted by the planting of her now-famous White House garden.