Acorn Cracks

In an about face, the liberal organization ACORN now says the actions by its workers on undercover video tapes are “indefensible.” Previously the group had charged that the tapes, showing employees encouraging a supposed pimp and prostitute of lying to get a loan from the organization, were doctored.

The ACORN video tapes reverberated throughout Washington, even reaching the White House. “Obviously the conduct you see on those tapes is completely unacceptable,” Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said. “The administration takes the accountability very seriously.”

ACORN, an organization that receives federal grants and had ties to the Obama presidential campaign, will now have all of those grants reviewed. Last Friday the US Census Bureau severed all ties with the community organizing group saying the recent conduct and their public image could cause problems in the 2010 census if ACORN activists participated in census canvassing.

ACORN says it will now implement new training for its staff and by Friday the group will pick an independent auditor to review all systems.

The videos are available on the internet and have also been shown on Fox.

- Fox News Correspondent Molly Henneberg contributed to this report.