Work Hard, Play Hard

(AP Photo)

(AP Photo)


True of any presidential vacation, it's never really a vacation, there is always work to do. And that was true for President Obama today on Martha's Vineyard. He took a break from family time to announce his appointment of Ben Bernanke, for a second term, as chairman of the Federal Reserve.

But after that, it was time to relax a bit and hit the golf course. Mr Obama played 9 holes with his steadfast golfing buddy Marvin Nicholson, a member of his advance team Michael Ruemmler, and Sam Kass, who works in the White House kitchen.

According to a local retiree, who came for an 820am tee time but didn't get to play because so many carts were being reserved for the president's party, the Mr Obama said, "I hope I didn't mess anyone's day up"

"You did," said Ronnie Lytle, "but I don't care."

No word on how the president actually played, but one local resident who lives right next to one of the holes said the president had "a pretty good chip."