Major Garrett answers your questions from Sharkey's in Oak Bluffs, MA

Major answers your questions, mostly about health care, from Sharkey's (it's a restaurant and bar).

A couple of notes from me, Major, on Vol. 2 of "Ask Major." This version is much shorter than Vol. 1. It's much easier and faster for us to compress and download files less than 3 minutes long. That's our new TRT (TV term for Total Running Time). I answered fewer questions this time but am doing Vol. 3 on Thursday and Vol. 4 on Sunday. I didn't get to any Tweeted questions this time. I will next time. We try to mix serious and light questions. This isn't lecture hall and it isn't Animal House. It's something in between....what, I'm not exactly sure. I will get to Tweeted questions next time. Hope you enjoy. Suggestions are welcome. Comments too.


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