UPDATE: Major got your questions and we're posting your comments!

This blog has recieved a number of comments over the past few days with our readers telling us they have gotten unsolicited emails from the White House. We are going to start posting your comments under this post..so check in and see what your fellow FNC watchers and blog readers are saying...




Before leaving the Guadalajara summit, Major Garrett sat down at the press hotel/workspace and ticked off some q/a that you all were curious about. Thanks to everyone who Tweeted and commented on our blog!

{VignetteVideo id="EF9034F25CD44965FEB21D6E17D5A1C8" height="211" width="375" autoplay="off" aspectratio="1.77" assettitl="Major+Garrett+QA" }

Videography by Bryan Cole.