Georgia Congressman Who Hosted Rowdy Town Hall Finds Office Vandalized

A Georgia congressman who faced down a rowdy town hall meeting last week found his office vandalized Tuesday with a swastika painted over the official congressional sign.

Rep. David Scott told FOX News that the swastika spray-painted in black on his office door in Smyrna, Ga., is about four feet wide. 

Cobb County police were informed and a report was filed with the U.S. Capitol Police and the FBIDavid Johnson, Scott's district director, said the Capitol Police are handling this incident as a hate crime. 

Johnson said he suspects the incident happened between the office's closing on Monday night and opening on Tuesday.

Scott, who is black, is both a fiscally conservative "Blue Dog" Democrat and a member of the Congressional Black Caucus.

A rambunctious town hall he attended in Douglasville, Ga., last week was singled out by critics after Scott lost his temper with opponents of the health care plan who attended to protest the program. 

"Not one single one of you had the decency to call my office and set up for a meeting. Okay? Then do that. Do that. But don't come and take advantage of what these individuals have done. You want a meeting with me on health care, I'll give it to you," he said.

Scott earned a caustic response from the questioner, who told a local reporter he had tried and couldn't get an appointment.

On Tuesday, Scott said that the meeting was not convened to talk about health care, but to talk about a $80 million highway plan through the area that will require the destruction of several, primarily minority-owned homes and businesses.

Scott said that the press twisted his comments at the meeting because he was talking about the residents not being permitted to talk about the highway plan. Residents said they were told they could ask questions about anything.

However, Scott told FOX Business Network on Monday that the opponents to health care were manufactured, and he accused the audience members of having a racial undertone in the debate.

"There were tea baggers all around the place," the congressman said of the meeting, later holding up a flier with a picture of a now infamous poster of President Obama styled as The Joker from the Batman movie series. 

"If you look at this, that's a picture of President Barack Obama," Scott said holding up the sign. "He's grinning there like he's the clown from Batman. Underneath that it says, 'N---a, n---a David Scott. It says you were, and you are, and you always forever shall be but a n---a.' If that ain't it I don't know what is.

"This was sent to my office as a result of this event that we've had in terms of reaction to the news clips of this being misconscrewed (sic) as a health care meeting," he said.

Scott told FOX News that he's willing to work with everyone on health care, and is listening closely to the debate. 

"I do not support a single-payer system, I do support having something there, whether it's an option or not. And we can work with that, but we have to have something to leverage so we can get the insurance company to bring down their prices, and the only way to do that is to have an alternative there," he said. 

Scott was scheduled prior to the attack on his office to hold a town hall meeting on Saturday.