Biden: Obama is a friend to cops, too

Vice President Biden, a long time supporter of the nation's police force, says he's not the only one in the Obama administration who backs the men and women in blue.

At a Philadelphia event today where Biden and Attorney General Eric Holder announced $1 billion in grants for law enforcement agencies as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the vice president received oodles of praise from the city's major, as well as the governors from Pennsylvania and neighboring states.

"The vice president has been the best friend law enforcement can have," said PA governor Ed Rendell. "Biden has not only been great friend to Delaware," said governor Governor Jack Markell, "but the best friend."

It was a sentiment echoed by Philadelphia's chief of police. "I cant think of anybody else who has done more for public safety," said Charles Ramsey.

And while Biden is not typically one to shy away from complements, today he seemed to be deflecting today's accolades off of him and on to his boss.

"You're very kind to give me credit for this, but the credit," the vice president said, "goes to President Obama and his commitment" to law enforcement. Biden went on to describe how when building the recovery package, Mr Obama was instant funds be allotted to fund the hiring and rehiring of law enforcement officers across the country.

The president, Biden said "did not need to be reminded by me or anyone else of the both vital need of preserving and creating jobs...and keeping the communities safe."

Following last week's comments by the president in which he said Cambridge police sergeant James Crowley acted "stupidly" for arresting Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, the vice president's remarks today seem to refocus attention on Obama as a supporter of cops.