A Botax? Senate committee gets creative

A tax on plastic surgery, call it a "Botax", is on the table, as senators desperately try to come up with creative ways to fund $1 trillion in health care reforms.

One senior Senate Democratic aide tells Fox that the tax came from OMB's Peter Orszag, as was first reported by Congress Daily.

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, D-MT, leading health care talks, told reporters recently that Orszag had proposed some "interesting" and "creative" ideas but that Baucus was not sure if they would work.

According to a senior Democratic Finance Committee source, the tax would be "dialable," adjusted to meet the amount of revenue needed in the federal coffers.

Still, it does not appear to be under serious consideration, according to numerous committee sources.
Sen Kent Conrad, D-ND, a lead negotiator told reporters, "I've never heard one word about that in any of these negotiations."

Conrad did not rule the tax out, he only laughed and said he would need to hear the arguments both for an against the tax.

Likewise, Sen Olympia Snowe, R-ME, said she had not heard of it. When asked what other creative ways the committee might be considering, like the "Botax," Snowe said, "if you can call it that" of the new elective surgery tax.

Fox News has also learned from aides involved in the negotiations that there has been talk of a video game tax to discourage sedentary behavior.

It is not known how much revenue any of the new suggestions would bring in.