Question #1: How has President Obama used his personal life to convince people to increase money for food security?

First Question from Peter Baker, NY Times, was how Obama used his personal life to convince people to increase money for food security:

Obama says he told the other nations this morning about his father traveling to the US from Kenya, and at that time the GDP was higher than South Korea.
South Korea had found a way out of that problem, and there's no reason why African countries cannot accomplish the same. In Africa, you ahve to bribe people to get things done. In terms of the issue of food security, 100 million people dropped into dire poverty from recession, and Obama said there's a "moral obligation" in terms of providing assistance.

Countries in Sub Saharan Africa have an obligation to use the system that is available in a way that is transparent and will allow long term improvement

There is no reasons Africa cannot be self sufficient when it comes to food. They have the land, but they are lacking the right seeds and irrigation.

Need a comprehensive plan.

My father traveled to the US, 50 years ago, and now i have family members who live in villages where hunger is real. This is something I understand in very personal terms. If you talk to people on the ground in Africa, Kenya, they will say, part of the issue, institutions aren't working
** does not want to generalize Africa. Making a broader point, a government that is stable and not engaging in tribal conflicts, give people security, investing in people, those countries can succeed