Obama Popularity in Russia - Michelle Obama that is!

Michelle Obama might be a bigger draw in Russia than her husband, the President of the United States, all because of her garden.

In an interview with Itar-Tass news agency in Russia, the President was told kitchen gardens are apparently very popular in Russia and when Mrs. Obama announced the new one at the White House she became very popular.

"I think she is somebody who they can identify with because she's had to balance a lot of different issues," Obama said. "So she's doing a marvelous job. I'm very, very proud of her."

The interview also included a few "fun questions" that showed a some of the personal tastes of the President. For instance, he loves the Russian poet Pushkin, he thinks ‘War and Peace' is "one of the greatest novels of all time" and in terms of music he likes everything from Bach to hip-hop.

Also revealed in the interview, his bias toward American films. The President cited "The Godfather" and "Casablanca" as two classics.