Dunk the Press Secretary

The White House is letting the media loose on Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.

As part of tonight's luau for Congressional members and their families, the White House is going to have a dunk tank where guests can take shots at White House staff members, including chief spokesman Gibbs.

At today's briefing, Fox's Wendell Goler challenged Gibbs to allow the press at have a literal shot at him, but for charity of course. Gibbs, who has a reputation for joking around with the press corps, and obviously has a good sense of humor, agreed.

The original thought was to charge reporters $20 each for a toss. But the White House later said that because of legal issues, they can't actually take money from the press. So tonight lucky members of the press will have a FREE shot at Gibbs. Of course, anyone who still wants to donate funds can.

We'll report more later on whether or not anyone was fortunate enough to dunk the White House press secretary.