The Day Ahead....


June 10, 2009


9:30AM THE PRESIDENT receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

Oval Office

9:50AM THE PRESIDENT meets with senior advisors

Oval Office

10:15AM THE PRESIDENT departs The White House en route Andrews Air Force Base

South Lawn

10:30AM THE PRESIDENT departs Andrews Air Force Base en route Green Bay, Wisconsin

12:25AM THE PRESIDENT arrives in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Austin Straubel Airport

1:10PM THE PRESIDENT holds town hall

Southwest High School

3:05PM THE PRESIDENT departs Green Bay, Wisconsin en route Andrews Air Force Base

Austin Straubel Airport

4:55PM THE PRESIDENT arrives at Andrews Air Force Base

5:10PM THE PRESIDENT arrives at The White House

South Lawn

Briefing Schedule

Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton will gaggle on Air Force One.