Who is TOTUS?

The White House Telemprompter has it's own blogging site.  Yes, that's right.  TOTUS or "Teleprompter of the United States" blogs about the exploits of President Obama's administration.  Dubbed "reflections from the hard drive of the machine that enables the voice of the Leader of the Free World," the Teleprompter has a voice of it's own.   In case you are not sure who is who, the site lists a cast of characters so you can keep track.   "Big Guy" refers to the President himself while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is listed as "Fancy Nancy" or "The Mask." 

The latest entry pokes fun at Vice President Joe Biden's teleprompter mishap during his remarks at the United States Air Force Academy commencment when a gust of wind knocked one of the teleprompter screens over.  TOTUS blogs "it wasn't me" and tells folks not to worry because the Vice President isn't given a real teleprompter, "it's just two screens that plays "Tom and Jerry" cartoons on a loop." 

White House officials say this is not an Obama administration website.