Sotomayor calls Reid

A senior aide to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-NV, tells Fox that SCOTUS nominee Sonia Sotomayor placed a "courtesy call" to the leader Tuesday morning after her nomination was made public by President Obama. 

The President on Tuesday night, at a fundraiser for Reid, compared Sotomayor's "up-from-the-bootstraps" life story to the Majority Leader's, who grew up in hard scrabble Searchlight, NV, where his father, a hardrock miner, killed himself, and who's mother did laundry for a nearby bordello. The family lived in a house without plumbing; Reid hitchhiked to school. 

We can expect actual visits from the nominee to the Hill as early as next week, according to Senate aides. Usually, the nominee meets with leadership and then starts meeting with members of the Judiciary Committee, starting with the chairman and Ranking Republican.

Soon, the chairman, Patrick Leahy, D-VT, and his GOP counterpart, Jeff Sessions, R-AL, will send out the customary questionnaire to Sotomayor. 

Typically, this lengthy document poses basic questions about birthplace, marital status, employment history, and more detailed questions, like a list of all published writings (titles, publishers, and dates of books, articles, reports, letters to the editor, editorial pieces, etc) and speeches, interviews, political activity, potential conflicts of interest, sources of income, and pro bono work.

It's possible a schedule for hearings will be hammered out between Leahy and Sessions next week, but Republicans appear to be in no hurry to gets the process underway. 

In the past, it has taken about an average of 60 or fewer days from nomination to confirmation hearing.

Let the show begin.