Obama Expresses Confidence in Sotomayor, Calls Her 'Brilliant Individual'

Published May 27, 2009

| FoxNews.com

LAS VEGAS - President Obama says nobody can say that his pick for the Supreme Court is not qualified to sit on the nation's highest court.

In an emphatic endorsement of Judge Sonia Sotomayor, the president took his first public appearance since the announcement as an opportunity to sell his Supreme Court nominee.

Speaking at a fundraiser for Nevada Senator Harry Reid, Obama told the crowd of supporters that Sotomayor is, "a woman who will bring more experience on the bench than anyone currently serving on the Supreme Court had when they were appointed."

Calling her a "brilliant individual," the president went on to recount her judicial experience and her upbringing in the South Bronx, New York.

"Sonia Sotomayor's life is proof that all things are possible. And when she ascends those marble steps to assume her seat on the highest court of the land, America will take an important step in realizing the ideal chiseled above its entrance, equal justice under the law," he said.

Obama also expressed his confidence that the Senate would confirm Sotomayor. 

"And I know that Harry Reid and others in the Senate will make sure she is confirmed as the next Supreme Court justice. And I know that because Harry has just an improbable story," he explained, "and so do I. And that's what politics should be about. Remembering that for a whole lot of folks life isn't easy."

Obama was speaking to a group of democratic supporters aiming to raise money for Sen. Reid's re-election next year. He showered the Senator with compliments calling him a dear friend and applauding the Senator's work as extraordinary. 

"I can't bring the change I promised by myself. I can't rebuild an economy by myself, I can't reform our health care system, and education systems and preserve our environment and keep our nation safe all alone. That's not how it works! I need partners in Congress. Leaders who are determined to make a difference for the folks they represent," Obama said.

Although Reid has no official opponent in next year's race, a recent poll in his home state shows he'll have an up hill battle. More than half of Nevadans surveyed would vote to replace Reid.

The senator will get more face time with the president Wednesday when the two men visit Nellis Air Force Base to mark the 100th day anniversary of the economic stimulus signing.