Biden Suffers Teleprompter Mishap

Teleprompters can be delicate pieces of equipment, especially when they are outside on a windy day.  While addressing United States Air Force cadets during their commencement ceremony in Colorado Springs, a gust of wind blew one of the teleprompters Vice President Joe Biden was using over.  The Vice President was acknowledging the thin air of the Colorado Mountains that cadets have to adapt and train in, when a loud crash was heard.  He quickly ad-libbed that the air was not only thin but windy as well.  His next remarks explained the noise.  "What am I gonna tell the President when I tell him his teleprompter is broken?  What will he do then?" Biden said to audience laughter. 

Luckily for Biden, one teleprompter was still standing and the mishap was towards the end of his remarks.  He recovered easily and thanked the cadets for the service to their country that they are about to embark on and reminded them how much America needs them.  "As a nation, we only have one sacred obligation, only one, and that is to prepare those we ask to defend us and to care for those we send into harms way... because without you we would not survive."