Obama speech tomorrow - What we can expect to hear..

Robert Gibbs has announced a few "themes" for tomorrow's speech by President Obama about Guantanamo Bay.Topics for the speech include: detainees, detention policy, military commissions, photos, state secrets, transparency and protecting National Security.

Gibbs also said the President will reiterate the position that its "in our best national security and foreign policy interest" to close Gitmo.

The President will address concerns from Capitol Hill that detainees may be put into the United States or the US Prison system.

The White House chose the National Archives because it is a "fitting place" to discuss the decisions.

Gibbs said yesterday that in the speech President Obama will....

"go through a number of the decisions related to that and other issues that we've discussed in the last few weeks that all relate to it."

"outline his thoughts on detainee and detention issues, as well as the other issues like photos and memos that I talked about earlier."