How do President Obama and Vice President Biden gauge their stuck-in-the-bubble threshold? By picking a place called Ray's Hell Burgers over the Oval Office as the venue for their weekly lunch.

The president has said he wants to keep his finger on the pulse of the regular guy, but traveling with his "Regular Joe" deputy in a massive motorcade is certainly not something your average Joe can do.

Nonetheless, the two waited patiently in the food line at the Arlington, Va burger joint amongst surprised customers and Obama even pulled out his own cash to pay for both his and the press' food. He also tossed a 5-buck tip into the tip jar.

When the food came, Obama ushered the press out, in what appeared to be his attempt to focus on solving the world's ills with the veep from his perch on a stool at Ray's.

Reporters, perhaps feeling the ethical pinch of having the president pony up for their lunch, decided a donation in an equal amount to charity would suffice.

Oh, and because you want to know, Biden ordered a swiss cheese burger with jalapeno peppers and ketchup and a root beer. And Obama ordered a cheddar cheese burger with spicy mustard, lettuce and tomato. There are no fries at this place so the pair opted for the unique Ray's alternative: flash-fried cheese and chive tater tots.

And a strange twist to the whole visit? The manager who waited on Obama just happens to be married to a FOX News staffer!