Senate GOP rev up colleagues for closing GTMO

Not that it would take much, but Sen. GOP Conference Chairman Lamar Alexander, R-TN, showed his colleagues a video, put together by his staff, meant to rev up GOP opposition to closing GTMO.  The video can be found here: http://src.senate.gov/files/gitmoPL050509.wmv 

The issue has galvanized Republicans, as Congressional Democrats divide on what to do with the 240 or so terrorists held at the island prison once it closes. 

Most say "not in my back yard," this as House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey, D-WI, chose, with committee Dems, to leave out $81 million the Obama Administration requested in order to close the detention center by Jan. 22, 2010.  The request was made as part of the $83.4 billion funding bill for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Reports have indicated that the Administration has, as yet, found scant support abroad for taking any prisoners, and Congressional Democrats are now demanding that President Obama show them a plan for what to do with the alleged terorrists before getting any cash.

 One senior Senate Democratic aide tells Fox that the fight is likely to get punted to the annual spending bill fight, away from this year's war funding bill.

And the Administration could not come up with a plan soon enough for Democrats, especially when Republican rhetoric and videos like the one above weigh heavily on the minds of Americans.

Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-GA, today warned that terrorists in Americans' backyards could escape and "immediately form cells where they will seek to kill and harm Americans."  He has vowed to block any funding if the detainee are to end up in the U.S.

A tough political pickle...